47 Days…1,128 Hours…67,680 Minutes…
What will you do with it?
What could you do with it?


9358_540422493307_2139831753_nI’m Jeremy Scott and this 47-Day Transformation is the result of years of hard work training hundreds of clients. Successfully transforming their minds, their bodies, and their habits for life.

Before creating this transformation program I authored two books and contributed for brands such as SHAPE, Live Strong,, ABC and several others. I am the Expert Advisor for Reebok. Over the past 10 years I passionately pursued the answer to the questions:

What transforms people’s behavior?

How can we create long lasting success in people’s lives?

After working with people all over the world just like you; busy with family, busy with kids, busy with a career, and all the obstacles life throws at us I have learned one thing:

Without our physical, mental, and emotional health we have nothing.


This is a total mind, body, and lifestyle habit transformation-coaching program. I want to be clear here; this is NOT just a program you download and go try alone hoping it works.

This is an interactive coaching transformation program of:

  • Your physical body – coaching you on the most efficient way to get into & stay in the best shape of your life.
  • Your nutrition & eating habits – educating you on the importance of healthy eating by making it an easy lifestyle you can enjoy for the rest of your life.
  • Your mindset – showing you what is possible by eliminating self-limiting believes so you can unleash the true potential inside you.

We personally coach you step-by-step starting on Day 1 on exactly how you will train, how you will eat, how you will set realistic goals, and most importantly we hold you accountable over the next 47 days. We have a “no member left behind” policy to ensure you stay on course.

This program is a perfect solution to the biggest problems you face with your body, your eating, and your overall lifestyle.

We give you all the tools you need and explain not only what you will be doing but also more importantly WHY you will be doing it.

This transformation was designed for people looking to make improvements in the gym, the kitchen, the boardroom, the classroom, and even the living room.

Many of our successful graduates include:

  • Mothers looking to get their body back
  • Young professionals
  • Parents crunched for time
  • “Serial workout jumpers and dieters”
  • Career driven executives
  • People who are stuck at a “fat loss plateau”

This program is for people ready to make a real lifestyle change, not someone looking for just a quick fix. This is for people wanting new habits, more happiness and better overall health for life.

We personally love people who want more accountability, structure, coaching and education on nutrition & fitness. Our main focus is helping you creating new lifelong habits.

These types of people always find amazing success in our program; the people who come in with a positive mindset and are willing to give it their all and make the sacrifices see epic mind, body and life changes.

Every session for one lucky graduate, who makes the biggest overall transformation, we have an amazing Grand Prize for you!


Our GRAND PRIZE Winner will receive a:


  • FREE Trip to Sunny Orlando, FL

  • 6-night stay in one of our luxury vacation homes

  • Airfare accommodations included

  • Olympian Labs Platinum Supplement Kit

  • Reebok Apparel Prize Package

    (retail value over $1700)



Stacy from Washington

"I am so much tougher mentally, regarding food urges. Typically I would let stress consume me and make poor food choices to help "cover up" that stress. Now, I actually think about what I put into my body at each meal and ask myself it will do something good for my body or not. Also, because I'm feeling more confident with my physical results, it has thus changed my outlook on things, and I am a happier person overall."

Rob from Illinois

"This is not a diet and exercise program. The 47 day transformation is a transformation of your lifestyle to live the rest of your life making better healthier decisions and I plan to continue those changes for the rest of my life. I have set new standards for myself and created new habits and rituals that will continue for the rest of my life."

Kaitlyn from Michigan

"It was motivating in the fact that you are being held accountable for your actions and that you are a part of something. You learn quickly that the only person you let down when you get off track is yourself. Jeremy’s videos were so inspiring in the ways he shared how he kicks his life in the ass and takes away everything he can from every living moment."


Beau from Arizona

"Motivation and inspiration are the key points of this program.  Jeremy has an effortless way of delivering information that just makes sense. And he is just real, no BS, so down to earth."

Kris from Ohio

"This program is all that. The accountability check ins, the videos, and meal planning ideas have been a tremendous benefit in my success. When I had questions (which were a lot) they were always answered. The videos that Jeremy has shared have been a huge to me as well. It was as if he was speaking right to me. The time he put into this program for our success is very inspiring."


Gabe from Washington

"During this challenge I noticed my confidence in the process increase daily when I looked at myself in the mirror. When I have not prioritized fitness I have often envisioned a particular image of myself in my mind, but would look in the mirror and see I was moving farther away from that image. The strength training gave me more visible definition in my muscles, while the clean eating resulted in a 21 pound weight loss in 47 days."

Training Manual – Training with Jeremy

Over 100 Training & Exercise Videos – including mobility & dynamic warm ups.

75 Videos in our full Exercise Library – over 75 movement videos showing you how to complete each exercise in the 47-Day Program.

21 Follow Along Training Videos – where I personally coach you through each workout. These can be completed anywhere anytime.

Challenge Workouts – if you’re up for the challenge we take our training to the track & field, hotel and gym. Throughout the program I upload videos in real time from my own personal workouts, shared with you guys inside the private coaching group ONLY.

Question & Answer Sessions - questions on your training or workouts inside the coaching group and get them answered by Jeremy daily inside the group within 24 hours.

Nutrition Manual – with Accountability Coaching

Macronutrient Guide – you will get a full macro breakdown of your nutrition created just for you and your goals. We educate you on the importance of macros and why they matter in your diet.

Grocery Store Guide – we lay out the basics for you in this 100% easy to follow guide that can go with you when you shop to ensure you're putting the right food into your body.

Accountability Nutrition Coaching – we have you track your eating daily via our easy to follow online platform to ensure you are staying on track and following through. We will review and coach you through this program to ensure you get the absolute most out of your body. We have a dedicated team of certified nutrition specialists who specialize in healthy eating and body transformation.

Private Kitchen Tour - walk through my kitchen with me personally. I breakdown everything that is inside my kitchen so you know the exact benefits and purpose of it all.

Real Time Recipes - throughout the transformation we will make real time recipes for you via video with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner in your home, on the road and on the go. I share with you my best "on the go" options to prep, pack, or pick up when you are short on time.

The Art of Eating Out - we walk you through how to get control of eating out with friends, family and co-workers so you can still enjoy your life, all while staying on track towards your goals.

Workbook Manual – “The Heart & Soul” of this experience

25 Video Series – that will change your life forever.

The heart & soul of this experience lives inside this training manual. We have created an interactive training series via video that correlates directly with your manual to train your mind just as hard as we train your body.

For starters we cover in this video series:

  • Processing Fears
  • The True Lasting Steps of Change
  • Getting Off Someday Island
  • Conquering the Divide
  • Asking & Answering the “Hard” questions
  • Limiting Beliefs & Empowering Beliefs
  • Find Your Passion
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Breaking Habits – Creating a new cycle
  • Keys to a healthy body & mind
  • 7-Day Mandatory Mindset Challenge
  • And much more…


We interact daily with you guys on a deeper level, setting goals in not just one area but all arenas of your life. To help you unlock the real gifts and greatness within you. I have poured my own heart and soul into this training module, and it’s powerful if you are ready to truly transform yourself.

24/7 Access to Jeremy & Team - 100% Accountability

You get 24/7 access to me and my team of certified fitness & nutrition experts, as we will be your own personal transformation coaches.

Using our private coaching platform you can simply, message, tag or record a video for us and we will answer you within 24 hours of your question.

I'll work with you hand in hand throughout your entire transformation. I am inside the groups chatting, posting, and creating new videos daily for you to stay on track.

You can private message us as well for personal assistance as we are dedicated to your success.


Best Selling Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook

  • Full 10-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan 100% done for you.
  • Over 40 Easy to make fat burning recipes
  • Carb Cycling Guide included for rapid fat loss
  • How to eat gluten free the right way (if you choose to)
  • Bonus tips for busy adults to stay on track while traveling, and how to prepare for success when life gets crazy.


3 Metabolic Challenge Training Videos with world-renowned strength & conditioning expert David Jack.

David Jack is a contributor for Men’s Health & Reebok. He also happens to be a close friend and one of the most motivational speakers in the fitness industry.

I asked David to create 3 amazing metabolic challenge workouts for you:

Video #1 - “The 5-50 Challenge”

Video #2 - “Tempo Control Challenge”

Video #3 - “Towel Tababtas Challenge”

These bonus metabolic training sessions are designed to challenge you and transform your body quickly. Allowing you to build lean muscle while shedding unwanted body fat.

David is one the best coaches in the world and we collaborated together to bring you proven training methods and techniques for rapid fat lose.

As a special addition David delivers a powerful call to action video module for you to take your mindset to the next level half way through this transformation.


Supplement Guide –With so many supplements out there the options are literally endless when it comes to what you can take.

But what do you really need and what is just hype?

We answer all those questions and more inside our easy to follow supplement guide.

We breakdown the basic must have’s in your nutrition plan. We will also share a video series on your pre-post workout stack; as well as how to start your day and end your evening with the proper supplementation.

No more wasting time & hard earned money on things you don’t need to be taking on your journey to getting healthy for life.



The secret? Our past success stories have told us it’s our ability to create a positive online community, that inspires and holds each other accountable, that sets us apart from any other program out there. We coach you 100% of the way through every aspect of this program.

Why does our coaching format work? We are dedicated to our craft and 100% committed to your success. Our team is inside the group daily offering motivation, education, accountability, and answering any and all questions you have. Not to mention, your fellow transformation members who are winners just like you, are in your corner pushing you to be your best. We only work with those who want to be there and are willing to help others around them.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Here's What's Required From You.

  • Give your 100% effort for all 47 Days –making no excuses, just adjustments along the way
  • Let us coach you step-by-step to understand your nutrition
  • Be active daily – move your body with purpose each day
  • Track your nutrition & eating with our easy to follow platform
  • Participate in our private Facebook Coaching Inner Circle
  • Submit Before photos and stats & Submit After Photos and stats
  • Share all progress, wins, or success you have along the way
  • Set exciting, massive, fun goals in all areas of your life
  • Have fun and enjoy the journey – let the “experience” happen

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If you ACT NOW, you’ll get the full access to the 47 Day Transformation Experience for Only $197


2 Payments of $99

(first payment today and the second payment in 21 days)

** Note that the $197 price is for online only **


Spots extremely limited ONLY 100 members per session accepted worldwide!


This is a 100% digital program delivered instantly -nothing will be shipped to you.

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47 Day Transformation Start Dates 2021

The 47-Day Transformation will only run three time each year – register ASAP to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity.

Session #1 starts January 11th, 2021

Session #2 starts August 9th, 2021


100% No Risk Money Back

I promise you if you follow this transformation program as outlined you will have a new life altering experience that will reach far beyond just 47 days. With that being said, this program comes with a full 47-day money-back guarantee. If you’re disappointed for whatever reason, you’ll get every cent back and it’s free for you, no questions asked.

  • Nutrition & Training Accountability - No member left behind!

  • Mastering Your Mindset to be your Best

  • Eliminating destructive habits & Creating new succcesful ones

Bonuses if you order today:

  • Private FB Group Early Access
  • Bonus Training & Nutrition Videos
  • Mini Contests for Bonus Gifts & Prizes

All prior to day 1 of the transformation

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Disclaimer: The above photos are of clients who followed the program with 100% effort and put in hard work with healthy eating and participated all out with us over the course of 47 days. If you want those types of results you need to be willing to follow the program step by step. Simply buying the program and giving a poor effort won’t elicit these same results. So, if you are ready to finally stop wasting time and train with some passion – let's transform your life together times wasting!

The materials and content contained in this program are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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  • q-iconWhat is the 47-day transformation?

    The 47-day transformation is a total mind, body & life transformation program. We focus on accountability, goal setting; habit changing, fitness training & nutrition education that creates real, life long lifestyle changes.  We take your life from ordinary to extraordinary fast; we coach you from day 1 to day 47 to break through any plateaus or limits you face in your life. This program is a perfect solution to achieve your goals and transform your quality of life; we solve the biggest problems you face with your body, your eating, your habits, your relationships, and your career.

  • q-iconWho is the 47-day transformation for?

    This program is great for anyone looking to make improvements in the gym, the kitchen, the boardroom, the classroom, and even the living room. Many of our members are busy professionals who have tried multiple other programs without much success, and often put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. This program is for people ready to make a real lifestyle change, not someone looking for just a quick fix. This is for people wanting new habits, more happiness and better overall health for life.

    We personally love people who want more accountability, structure, coaching, education on nutrition & fitness, and help creating new lifelong habits.

    These types of people always find amazing success in our program; the people who come in with a positive mindset and are willing to give it their all and make the sacrifices see epic mind, body and life changes.

  • q-icon Who is the program NOT for?

    People looking for a quick fix or the newest fad diet or workout, it’s also not for lazy, unmotivated, negative people looking for a miracle without putting in the work.

  • q-iconWill this program work for you?

    YES – we have had massive success with people ranging in age from 21 years old to people over age 60 in this program.

    If you follow our system that we coach you through day by day for all 47 days, you will see AMAZING results!

    You have to be 100% all-in committed to make the changes we ask. It won’t be easy, but I can promise you it will be worth it.

    If you want to drop body fat, move better, feel better, have more fun, more happiness, better relationships, more success in your career this program was designed for you.

  • q-iconWhat makes this 47day transformation so effective?

    We COACH every step of the way with a premium focus on changing habits, personal accountability daily, setting and executing goals, keeping you “present” in the nutrition & training process, all while educating & motivating you to get fast results through our best coaching practices.

  • q-iconWhat makes this program different from a “diet program or online e-book course?

    Sure you could buy a cookbook or online e-program but if it was that easy wouldn’t you and most people have done it and found success already?

    The Reality: we rarely if ever accomplish great things on our own. Think about your life and any major goal you have achieved. Odds are you had help from a parent, friends, teammate, coach, teacher, or mentor to get there. Real changes are made with support of a positive community, strong inner circle and accountability of knowledgeable coaches. That is exactly what the 47day transformation provides!

  • q-iconDo I need a gym membership?

    No, you can do 100% of the training sessions in your own home or a hotel room via video on your computer or tablet device. The only equipment you would need (optional) would be a set of dumbbells if you wish. We have an extensive exercise video library (over 100 videos) and we have programmed this for rapid fat loss.

  • q-iconI am a beginner with a lot of weight to lose, is this program for me?

    Yes, we have had clients start with weights of 350lbs on day 1 in this program and see amazing success. We suggest always consulting a physician if you are unsure of your ability to begin, and people with at least some “basic” exercise knowledge do better than those who have never exercised in their life before.

    Note: I don’t care about the scale, it has its place but we focus on how you look; before/after photos, how your clothes fit, how you move, how you feel, inches & body fat lost, as well as confidence gained.

    You might not lose everything you want in 47 days, however you will make a bigger change in 47 days with us than you would on your own and most importantly have the habits and rituals in place for success moving forward.

    We have had success with members of all ages, sizes and ability levels.

  • q-iconDo I need to buy tons on food and supplements?

    No, most people actually spend less on food as they are making better, healthier and more informed choices when they eat.

    Supplements are not required, we will educate you on the importance of supplements, which ones are the best bang for your buck and even offer you a significant discount on them if you wish to add them into your nutrition plan. Again, they are NOT required.

  • q-iconI live outside the U.S.A. can I still join the 47day transformation?

    YES you can, this program is 100% online accessible we have worked with people in numerous countries all over the world with great success.

  • q-iconI have some limitations or injuries can I still join?

    Yes you can, we do advise you to consult your physician before starting this or any exercise-training program. We offer lower level options and regressions for the training sessions; there is an exercise to accommodate almost all training levels.

  • q-iconI need help with my nutrition and eating habits can you assist me?

    Yes, this is exactly what we do. We coach you, teach you, and educate you so you are informed, empowered and held accountable throughout this entire transformation. We supply you with the tools to master food prep, restaurant eating, eating while you travel, grocery store mastery, kitchen stocking, busy eating basics and much more.

  • q-iconWhen does this program begin and how many spots are open?

    We ONLY offer this program 3 sessions per calendar year. We also limit enrollment to 100 members MAX per session, to ensure you get the absolute most out of the program and we can coach each one of you to your absolute full potential.

  • q-iconHow is the program delivered?

    We deliver all components of the program via Internet to your inbox the night prior to Day 1. We also post daily inside our private online Facebook coaching group only members have access to, as well as live streaming and loaded videos via online apps and platforms directly to you.

  • q-iconWhen can I enroll?

    You can enroll and pre-register anytime prior to the start of the next session – we offer 3 sessions per year starting in January, April, and August. Note spots fill up fast as we limit each session to 100 members worldwide, we advise enrolling early to ensure you don’t miss out on the upcoming session.

  • q-iconWhat is the cost?

    The cost is ONLY $197 for this program. We priced our program this way to ensure anyone can join regardless of his or her financial situation. We truly want to help as many motivated people as possible and never want money to be the thing holding them back. This program is easily worth 10 x this amount and we truly believe that it can change your life if you let it.